Shot Peening

Shot Peening

SHOT-PEENING consists of a kind of surface hammering performed by sandblasting or controlled shotblasting which can also be made through the use of CHRONITAL stainless steel shot.

The pieces that are usually subjected to this process are mainly metal parts such as springs or connecting rods, but also other pieces in bronze, brass, titanium, aluminum and various alloys; the fields where shot peening plays a main role are aerospace and automotive industries.

The objective is to induce a superficial compression, consequent to a plastic deformation due to the throwing of the shot, which propagates up to a few tenths of a millimeter in the material. The result will be improving the surface distribution of the residual stresses by increasing the fatigue resistance of the pieces.

The final shot peening effect depends on the hardness, the size of the used shot, its flow rate, the speed and impact angle of the launching, the distance of the piece from this launching and the intensity (measured in Almen degrees).