Grittal GH

Grittal GH


Is a stainless steel grit with a high chromium content (at least 30%), melted, heat treated, crushed and therefore angular.

GRITTAL GH is used when it is necessary to avoid inclusions of ferritic particles, which are the source of corrosive primers and oxidations.

Heat treated to the maximum hardness under inert gas (approx. 800 HV, 64 HRC), GRITTAL GH maintains its angular shape even in the operating mixture. This exclusive grit offers the best results in terms of quality and performance when a rough surface profile with a high number of peaks is required.

As an alternative to corundum, garnet or slag, GRITTAL GH guarantees a high reduction in consumption (and proportionally of the disposal) by a factor of up to 100 times, with a consequent extreme reduction in the amount of dust produced during the blasting process: i.e. cleaning the surfaces and general operating conditions will be significantly improved.

But above all, its exceptional durability and high blasting efficiency lead to a definite cost-effective process, also in relation to the less wear of the systems.

The results on the surfaces remain stable and consistant, with constant roughness values.

The main applications are:

Surface preparation for non-stick coating (PTFE, ceramic) of pans, pots and baking-tins
Application of corrosion protection systems (powder coating / water painting)
Rubber-metal technique
Adhesive technology
Removal of weldment bluing

Mechanical pickling

GRITTAL GH, unlike mineral grits, can also be used in centrifugal wheel blast machine. This process allows significant advantages in terms of productivity compared to compressed air system, provided that the parts to be shotblasted are of simple design and can be treated in automatic systems.

GRITTAL GH is suitable for cleaning, deburring, surface finishing, preparation for coating or painting, of:


  • non-ferrous metals and special alloys
  • zinc die castings
  • all kinds of aluminum castings
  • aluminum profiles and forgings
  • castings, profiles and forgings in stainless steel
  • systems and structures in stainless steel


In addition, GRITTAL GH is suitable for the gang-sawing of natural stone and for waterjet cutting


GRITTAL GH offers the following advantages, especially in comparison with mineral grits:

  • longer life
  • shorter blasting times
  • more shiny appearance
  • oxidation-free surfaces
  • small dust production
  • consequent less wear of the blasting systems
  • chance of using both wheel blast and compressed air machines

Technical features:

  • Chemical composition: C ~ 1.9-2.1%, Cr ~ 30-33%, Ni <0.2%
  • Microstructure: martensite with chromium carbides
  • Hardness: on delivery ~ 800 HV (64 HRC)
  • Bulk density: ~ 4.1 g / cm³
  • Available grain sizes: 10 standard sieves from 0.05 mm up to 3.00 mm


Special sieves and mixes are also available on request.