Grittal GM

Grittal GM


is a crushed and therefore angular stainless steel grit with a high chromium content.

GRITTAL GM is used when it is necessary to avoid inclusions of ferritic residues, that are the source of corrosive primers and oxidations.

It has a lower hardness (about 660 HV, 58 HRC) than GRITTAL GH, and that’s why its cutting edges are getting round during the operation, without however affecting their angular shape, that remains essentially unchanged.

Unlike mineral grits, GRITTAL GM can be used in both wheel blast and compressed air systems and it is used for cleaning, coating preparation, removal, paint stripping and deburring.

Compared to CHRONITAL spherical shot, GRITTAL GM can offer performance advantages in terms of cleaning particularly dirty pieces (e.g. welding points) and deburring. In particular, thanks to its greater hardness and angular shape, it can more easily crush and remove the most stubborn surface layers.

The use of GRITTAL GM also offers the possibility of increasing significantly the blasting efficiency and productivity, while keeping operating parameters unchanged.

This grit is suitable for cleaning, deburring, surface finishing of:


  • non-ferrous metals and special alloys
  • zinc die castings
  • all kinds of aluminum castings
  • aluminum forgings
  • stainless steel castings and forgings
  • stainless steel plants and structures


GRITTAL GM offers the following advantages, especially in comparison to mineral grits:

  • longer life
  • shorter blasting times
  • more shiny appearance
  • oxidation-free surfaces
  • small dust production
  • consequent less wear of the blasting systems
  • chance of using both wheel blast and compressed air machines

Technical features:

  • Chemical composition: C ~ 1.9-2.1%, Cr ~ 30-33%, Ni <0.2%
  • Microstructure: Austenite residues, martensite with chromium carbides
  • Hardness: on delivery ~ 660 HV (58 HRC)
  • Bulk density: ~ 4.1 g / cm³
  • Available grain sizes: 10 standard sieves from 0.05 mm up to 3.00 mm

Special sieves and mixes are also available on request.