About us

About us



       is the sole Italian technical-sales office of the German VULKAN INOX GmbH, a world leader in the production of spherical and angular stainless steel shot and grit, suitable for the treatment of non-ferrous metals, light alloys, natural stone and ceramics.

Main application fields 
are  shot blasting, sandblasting, and shot-peening.

The objectives
Surface finishing, cleaning, deburring, sand removal, ceramic removal and mechanical pickling of metal products. Surface finishing and gang-sawing of stone products.



Founded in 1985, the VULKAN group employs 70 staff on a global level and has over than 30 branches and commercial offices.


As an absolutely reliable partner VULKAN offers to its customers:


  • the most modern production systems
  • continuously updated production development
  • guaranteed quality
  • support for the development of new applications
  • timely delivery 
  • a free technical assistance service
  • ISO 9001: 2008 quality certification and ISO 14001: 2004 environmental certification





CHRONITAL and GRITTAL are both produced by melting selected scrap and stainless steel scrap in two induction furnaces, each with a capacity of 6 tons.

The required chemical composition is obtained by adding further elements, chromium and nickel for CHRONITAL, mainly chromium for GRITTAL.

The molten metal is then subjected to an atomization process.

The spherical CHRONITAL is dried, sieved and packed

The microspheres used for the production of GRITTAL are first subjected to heat treatment with inert gas, then crushed. The angular shot is sieved and packed.



The use of our products has no contraindications for health.


VULKAN INOX GmbH is a company of the INDUS HOLDING AG group.