Customer Service

Customer Service


An essential part of our corporate philosophy is the technical service and advice to our customers. These are free services, included in our supply program.

The high quality level of our shot and grit  is completed by our support both in the choice of the proper product and in the definition of the right operating parameters.

Effective blasting

For our customers, the goal is to increase productivity and reduce costs: these are the points on which their economical success is measured.

Long-lasting, high-performance shot is the essential prerequisite for advantageous blasting processes.

It is the precious tool that significantly influences the total operating costs, i.e. those that usually outweigh the technology acquisition costs.

They are linked to:

energy requirements
spare parts subject to wear
consumption and disposal of abrasives.

Blasting processes can therefore become overly expensive if handled improperly.
In this sense, our technical support comes to rescue our customers, since by combining sales and operational assistance, we do offer them an exclusive presence.
As expert process supervisors, we monitor the interaction of our shot and grit with the blasting systems on site.


In our headquarters in Germany, in order to carry out blasting tests, we provide the following systems:


  • spinner hanger wheel blast machine
  • tumble blast wheel blast machine
  • compressed air machine (pressure system)


In our Test Center there is also some special equipment, the Blasting media Testing-Machines, which are able to carry out comparison tests on the duration between different shot and grit.

In addition, our qualified technical engineers offer a free assistance service, carried out directly on your sites.

This does not mean only the usual granulometric sieve control of the mixtures, but an accurate check of the adjustments of your blasting machines: calibration of the aspirations, check of the state of wear of turbines and plates, adjustment of the launch roses, etc. etc.

This technical service is carried out at regular intervals, and if necessary, also on request.

The aim is to allow your blasting process to be carried out at optimal costs and outputs.