Is a molten, spherical chromium-nickel 18-10 stainless steel shot, which is used where it is necessary to avoid inclusions of ferritic particles, which are a source of corrosive primers and oxidations.

A fundamental characteristic of CHRONITAL is the remarkable roundness and strength, which make it a unique product of its kind. They result in long life, high efficiency, low wear of the blasting systems.
These are all pre-requisites for an optimal and above all economic blasting process.

Suitable for both turbine and compressed air systems, CHRONITAL is proper to cleaning, deburring, surface finishing and shot-peenig of:



  • all kinds of aluminum castings

  • profiles and forgings in brass, aluminum and stainless steel

  • titanium and nickel based alloys

  • aluminum die-castings     

  • non-ferrous metals and special alloys (zinc, bronze, brass, etc.)

  • castings, profiles, forged and drawn in stainless steel

  • stainless steel machinery and carpentry

  • concrete structures

  • natural stone



CHRONITAL, in comparison with mineral shots, with ferritic shot but also with the normal stainless-steel shot, offers the following advantages:

  • longer duration
  • shorter blasting times
  • more shiny appearance
  • oxidation-free surfaces
  • less wear of the blasting systems

Technical features:

  • chemical composition: C ~ 0.14-0.18%, Cr ~ 17-19%, Ni ~ 8-10%, Si ~ 1.8%, Mn ~ 1.2%
  • microstructure: austenitic, with δ-ferrite <10% which turns into martensite after mechanical stress
  • hardness on delivery ~ 275 HV (28 HRC)
    hardness in operating mixture ~ 475 HV (47 HRC)
  • apparent density: ~ 4.7 g / cm3
  • available grain sizes: 10 standard sieves from 0.05 to 3.00 mm


Special sieves and mixes are also available on request.